Our Custom Energy Solutions team identifies and implements clean and smart innovations for energy-intensive industrial, institutional, and commercial customers. We provide energy solutions in a variety of commercial models to suit our customer’s unique needs by applying our expertise in the design, build/acquisition, ownership, and operations and maintenance of facilities.
  • The Marietta 8MW cogeneration plant located in Marietta, OH
Combined Heat and Power

DTE Vantage has experience implementing combined heat and power (CHP), such as cogeneration projects, that utilize energy otherwise wasted in electric production for the provision of thermal services. These projects increase plant efficiency and decrease carbon emissions.

Energy Efficiency Programs

DTE Vantage has expertise in developing and delivering energy efficiency programs that minimize customer energy intensity through projects such as the capture of waste energy, fuel switching, and plant retrofits/repowerings. These projects help our partners meet environmental goals and reduce costs.

Fuel Services

DTE Vantage coke batteries transform metallurgical coal into coke, a necessary feedstock to blast furnaces for steel production. DTE Vantage also develops facilities that utilize steel and coke production by-products such as blast furnace gas and coke oven gas for power and steam production. These projects lower energy costs and environmental emissions.

DTE Vantage also procures, processes, and delivers Petcoke (an industrial by-product) for sale to customers as an alternative fuel.

  • Metro Energy located in Wayne County, MI is a 17MW backup generation facility providing services to the Detroit Metro Airport
Microgrid Solutions

DTE Vantage has decades of experience implementing microgrid solutions encompassing the operations and development related to generation that is independent from the grid, including backup generation. These projects provide redundancy which increases energy resiliency.





  • Atlantic provides electric power, chilled water and hot water to a local hotel and casino in Atlantic City, NJ
Utility Services

DTE Vantage provides utility services that go beyond power. These include compressed air, chilled water, hot water, steam, water treatment, and wastewater treatment. These projects allow our partners to focus on their core business and take advantage of our capabilities and expertise.

Custom Energy Solutions